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What does the ? and colon mean?

 ((OperationURL[1] == "GET") ? GetRequestSignature() : "")

In the following statement...

string requestUri = _apiURL + "?e=" + OperationURL[0] + ((OperationURL[1] == "GET") ? GetRequestSignature() : "");
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This is the conditional operator expression.

(condition) ? [true path] : [false path];

For example

 string value = someBooleanExpression ? "Alpha" : "Beta";

So if the boolean expression is true, value will hold "Alpha", otherwise, it holds "Beta".

For a common pitfall that people fall into, see this question in the C# tag wiki.

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value == someBooleanExpression – Yu Zhang Feb 18 '15 at 23:08
@YuZhang : no, it's correct. Example : string value = 1 == 2 ? "Alpha" : "Beta"; -> value will hold "Beta" – Michaël Polla Apr 2 '15 at 9:22

It is the ternary conditional operator.

If the condition in the parenthesis before the ? is true, it returns the value to the left of the :, otherwise the value to the right.

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It's a ternary operator, or a short form for if else.

condition ? value if true : value if false

Here is a link to more information on the subject

edit: link fixed

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@z-boss thanks, fixed now – Spooks Aug 5 '11 at 14:10

In the particular case you've provided, it's a conditional assignment. The part before the question mark (?) is a boolean condition, and the parts either side of the colon (:) are the values to assign based on the result of the condition (left side of the colon is the value for true, right side is the value for false).

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string requestUri = _apiURL + "?e=" + OperationURL[0] + ((OperationURL[1] == "GET") ? GetRequestSignature() : "");

can be translated to:

string requestUri="";
if ((OperationURL[1] == "GET")
    requestUri = _apiURL + "?e=" + GetRequestSignature();
   requestUri = _apiURL + "?e=";
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It means if "OperationURL[1]" evaluates to "GET" then return "GetRequestSignature()" else return "". I'm guessing "GetRequestSignature()" here returns a string. The syntax CONDITION ? A : B basically stands for an if-else where A is returned when CONDITION is true and B is returned when CONDITION is false.

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