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Its stated in adobe site that the Flash Builder 4 compiler is indeed 25% more performing than the previous Flex Builder 3 compiler.

How can I confirm that?

For example if I make a simple application on Fx3 and the same on Fx4, then how would I compare the compiler performance using my project?

Thx FlexBoz

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It will probably be hard to tell with a simple application. Most likely you wont see a performance difference until you have an application with modules, where the compiler needs to optimize what objects and components to compile into which SWF. – SuperSaiyen Aug 5 '11 at 15:19
So It complies your swf in .75 instead of 1 second? I don't get why concern yourself of something that you couldn't change even if you wanted to? – The_asMan Aug 5 '11 at 18:59
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You can use the benchmark compiler argument to output compile times and such.

I'm in agreement with SuperSaiyen that you'd likely need a project of significant size to see any differences. My own experience in upgrading from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4 has been that, yeah, mxmlc is probably a little bit faster in FB4 but the best way to improve compile times is to optimize your project (e.g., move all embedded fonts to a library project and add them to your main project via SWCs).

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