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Is there tool out there which can be used to graphically represent the structure of a python module? I'm thinking that a graph of sub-modules and classes connected by arrows representing imports.

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I think you want the Python library snakefood

sfood: Given a set of input files or root directories, generate a list of dependencies between the files;

sfood-graph: Read a list of dependencies and produce a Graphviz dot file. (This file can be run through the Graphviz dot tool to produce a viewable/printable PDF file);

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I guess it's not so much of a library as it is a software tool written in Python, but anyway, I think it's what you want. –  Brandon Invergo Aug 5 '11 at 14:39

Not sure if there's a tool, but you could always parse the package you're working with, walking the directory subtree and recording the classes for each module, and also recording the imports. (If you're working with a single module, then it'd just be checking the classes and inputs, no path-walking required.) Then you'd have to iteratively or recursively (Python recommends iteration) check each module imported for anything imported by them until there are no more imports to make (be careful about circular imports!).

You'll probably find pydot or something similar quite useful for graphically displaying the structure.

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