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I am trying to create hash from xml file

Hash.from_xml <<-EOX

when i use the above code it works fine and gives { :user => { :id => 1, :user_name => "ryan" } }

my problem is I have the xml part as a string

@xml ="<user><id>1</id><user-name>ryan</user-name></user>" 

And trying to do following but its not working

Hash.from_xml <<-EOX
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For info if any one comes down to this post: from_xml uses rexml library which is very slow in processing. –  Bijendra Jul 11 '12 at 11:25

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You don't need the mutli-line string EOX stuff:

Hash.from_xml @xml
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#=> {"user"=>{"id"=>"1", "user_name"=>"ryan"}}
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How about

Hash.from_xml @xml

The from_xml method is taking a string argument. In your working example, you are passing in a multiline string.

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