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could someone point me in the right direction in how i can parse data from a blog to an iphone. E.g. You have a table view displaying the posts of the blog, you select a table cell and text content is displayed. Are there any tutorials/examples on this?

I have a bit of experience with parsing data using JSON (parsed data from database to iphone) but unsure on where to start with this?

Thanks for an help..

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We need a lot more information to start with. =) To parse XML you can use NSXMLParser. Other than that more information is needed. –  sudo rm -rf Aug 5 '11 at 14:37
Its a simple wordpress blog, the blog has posts. Each post has a title and content. How can i access and parse each post onto the iphone?. –  Spike Lee Aug 5 '11 at 14:42
Do you have an RSS feed or some access by which you can access your site's posts in an XML format? –  sudo rm -rf Aug 5 '11 at 14:44

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What you want to do is use the Wordpress API. The flow goes like this:

  • Make an API call. This is a subject unto itself, but typically you'd use NSHTTPRequest and NSURLConnection to make the request.
  • Parse the result. I forget if you get XML back; you probably do; in that case there are tons of solutions for parsing, including NSXMLParser and libxml2.
  • Populate UITables, etc. with the retrieved information.

The Wordpress API is not that big or complex, but it's a bigger subject than I can really get into in the context of an SO answer, so I'll just refer you to the aforelinked documentation and wish you happy reading.

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