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One can tag specific filters and exclude those filters when faceting. This is generally needed when doing multi-select faceting.

Is something similar possible for the stats.field?

stats.field={!ex=foo}price // does not work

I have a price slider and I need the max price as if the price filter is not set.

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now fixed in 4.8 –  sidgate Apr 6 at 9:01

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Anyone concerned with this question/issue is suggested to go vote up this issue posted to the Apache Solr Jira site. (Free Apache account required.) If you are a Solr developer and wish to work on coding this feature enhancement, we salute you!

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Yes.Use stats=true&stats.field=price

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I want a way to make stats.field=price ignore queries like q=price:[1 TO 100]. With q=price:[1 TO X] the maximum price calculated by stats.field=price can only lower or equal to X –  rkusa Aug 30 '11 at 7:21

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