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the following code errors with a 'type mismatch' error, saying that FooProcessor should be Processor[M].

sealed trait Model
case class Foo extends Model
trait Processor[M <: Model]

class FooProcessor extends Processor[Foo]

class DelegatingProcessor[M <: Model] extends Processor[M] {
  val delegates = Map[String, Processor[M]]("foo" -> new FooProcessor())

How to you convince the compiler that FooProcessor is an extension of Processor[Model]?

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The short answer is that your FooProcessor is an extension of Processor[Foo], and is specific to Foo. In DelegatingProcessor, you need a Processor that is able to handle not only Foo, but any valid Model. FooProcessor simply doesn't fit the bill here. And — don't try to convince the compiler otherwise, because the compiler is here exactly to prevent this kind of mistakes :-)

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[Scala newbie here]. How many valid Model's are there though? Doesn't 'sealed' mean that Foo is the only one? –  david Aug 5 '11 at 15:40
Yes, but the compiler is not allowed to use that information here. If you want to enforce that Foo is the only valid model, write class DelegatingProcessor[M <: Foo]. –  Jean-Philippe Pellet Aug 5 '11 at 15:51

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