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I have a web app. When I create a client I upload some pictures in that process to a temp folder I create using the Ticks. Finally, when the client in created I move that folder to the main folder of clients pictures whith the name of the client Id I just get.

DirectoryInfo dirTemp = new DirectoryInfo(String.Concat(sPath, "temp/", sTicks));
dirTemp.MoveTo(String.Concat(sPath, sName));

My folders structure is this:

sPath = "~/Files/Clients/"

The problem is I'm losing the Session everytime I move the folder...

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what do you mean by losing the session? any error to share or any strange behavior you have detected? how do you access the session before and after the move and why do you think it has been lost? –  Davide Piras Aug 5 '11 at 15:42

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Any time you move/delete/add a directory in your appDomain - your current session will be destroyed.

Try to move a directory that is not within your application folders - that should do the trick! If this is no proper solution for your problem change your sessionState mode. Currently, I assume, it is InProc. Change it to StateServer or SQLServer. (see also Forums ASP)

Furthermore - possible duplicate? - see this post

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Most likely the app pool is being recycled due to your changes, and that causes all session data to be discarded.

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Thanks man, you are rigth, the problem is when you rename or delete a folder inside the app path the session recicles... –  Mike Johnson Aug 13 '11 at 7:15

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