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long timeStamp = 1312561140157; gives me an error saying that the litter is too large of type int

I know I can set a long to System.currentTimeMillis() and this number i used is an output from the currentTimeMillis().

Anyone know how to make a literal work when it is this big?

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Did you mean to use the word 'litter'? – Ramhound Aug 5 '11 at 16:28
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Use this long timeStamp = 1312561140157L. Just append L to the end of the number.

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When you create a long you need put an 'L' character at the end of the number.

example: long timeStamp = 1312561140157L;

You can use lowercase or uppercase 'L', but generally you should use uppercase because l can be easily confused with 1

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