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At home we have a proxy server. At work we don't. Firefox irritates in this regard: whenever I launch it, it defaults to the proxy server. If I do Tools>Options>Settings and select "No proxy", no problem. However, if I shutdown Firefox and restart it, I have to do the Tools>Options>Settings thing all over again because the "No proxy" setting doesn't "stick".

How do I make it stick? Alternatively, can someone suggest a bit of javascript that I can assign to a button on my toolbar which will toggle between the two states?

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Use FoxyProxy, much more flexible to configure

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The problem was a recent windows-only regression in Firefox.

It was hard to track down, basically I got lucky...

Here's the meta bug:

Here's where the fix was put in.

I haven't had time to verify it, my windows system is dead right now, so I have to do it via bugmail.

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Nice that it got identified as an error and dealt with. Thanks!! –  boost Oct 9 '08 at 15:54

I used a local automatic proxy configuration script for years with great success. The trick was identifying from the URL or IP address where I was.


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