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I want to replace some chars with accents in a String like this example:


This will work, but I want to know if there is some simple way where I pass all the chars to be replaced and the char that will replace they. Something like these:



char[] chars = {'á','â','ã'};

I looked at StringUtils from Apache Lang, but not exists this way I mentioned.

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A regular expression is likely the simplest way. – Rudu Aug 5 '11 at 17:45
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You're going to want to look at

str.replaceAll(regex, replacement);

Off the top of my head, I can't recall Java's regex format, so I can't give you a format that catches those three. In my mind, it would be

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Thanks, this worked and the regex you posted is right. – Renato Dinhani Conceição Aug 5 '11 at 18:22

Try .replaceAll(): str.replaceAll('[áâã]', 'a');

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This should work str.replaceAll("[áâã]",'a')

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str.replaceChars("áâã", "aaa");
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replaceChars? From where is this? – Renato Dinhani Conceição Aug 5 '11 at 17:51
StringUtils; it's what the OP says he's using. – Julian Fondren Aug 5 '11 at 17:54

Maybe a simple originalString.replaceAll("á|â|ã", "a") will do

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Try this - it's a regex patter saying replace occurrence of each of the characters by "a"

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