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Is there a way to create a mercurial repository with the complete history of a subversion branch? All the methods I have seen effectively do a stop on copy, stopping the history when the branch was created. Is there a way to pull the entire history, back through previous branches, and even down to the trunk?

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Have you tried converting all the repository, then stripping the unnecessary branches? – Helgi Aug 5 '11 at 22:41

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use the convert extension

$ hg convert --authors <file> <svn repo> <new-hg-repo>

where <file> is your authors file to map svn short names to long names and emailID containing for instance:

vbajpai = Vaibhav Bajpai <>

This also fallbacks to svn shortnames if no mapping is found.

convert automatically makes trunk, tags and branches as separate branches in your new-hg-repo.

To enable convert extension, add this to your .hgrc

convert = 
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That doesn't address the question asked, I don't want the whole repository, I want the entire history of 1 branch, going back past the creation of the branch to the beginning of time. – TrippyD Sep 11 '12 at 18:14

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