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Are there any examples of how Qunit can be implemented into a full scale development cycle. The existing examples seems to require hardcoding test scripts into production source code. Is there currently a way to separate unit tests and source code? I just want unit test code in dev code, not production.

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Take a look at existing projects using QUnit, e.g. jQuery UI. The folder tests/unit contains all the QUnit-based unit tests. Is that separate enough?

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For Jquery yes. I have a MV3C asp.net project, silk.codeplex.com gives example for MVC3 specific. –  River Oct 12 '11 at 18:55

1) Keep your tests on the dev. environment in a dedicated folder. E.g. like that

  ├── js/
  │   └── moduleA.js
  └── tests/
      ├── moduleA/
      │    ├── dummies.js
      │    ├── stubs.js
      │    ├── mocks.js
      │    ├── fixtures.js
      │    └── unit-tests.js
      └── unit-tests.html

2) Exclude the folder from your deployment script or production branch in your version control system

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