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I'm looking for exception handling mechanism in shell script. Is there any try,catch equivalent mechanism in shell script ?

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There is not really a try/catch in bash (i assume you're using bash), but you can achieve a quite similar behaviour using && or ||.

In this example, you want to run fallback_command if a_command fails (returns a non-zero value):

a_command || fallback_command

And in this example, you want to execute second_command if a_command is successful (returns 0):

a_command && second_command

They can easily be mixed together by using a subshell, for example, the following command will execute a_command, if it succeeds it will then run other_command, but if a_command or other_command fails, fallback_command will be executed:

(a_command && other_command) || fallback_command
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Bonus: if you want "finally" like behavior, use the no-op (: in bash) like this: (a_command || : ) and the next line will run as if no error happened in a_command. –  B T Feb 18 at 5:43

The if/else structure and exit codes can help you fake some of it. This should work in Bash or Bourne (sh).

if foo ; then
  e=$?        # return code from if
  if [ "${e}" -eq "1"]; then
    echo "Foo returned exit code 1"
  elif [ "${e}" -gt "1"]; then
    echo "Foo returned BAD exit code ${e}"
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if foo ; then else can be simplified to if ! foo ; then, +1 anyway. –  jlliagre Aug 7 '11 at 10:24
@jiliagre That does not work. "! foo" inverts $? from 0 to 1 and !0 to 0. –  brightlancer Aug 7 '11 at 16:38
Indeed. I overlook your return code processing. –  jlliagre Aug 7 '11 at 20:03

Here are two simple bashfunctions which enable eventhandling in bash:

You could use it for basic exceptionhandling like this:

  echo "onFoo() called width arg $1!"

  [[ -f /tmp/somefile ]] || throw EXCEPTION_FOO_OCCURED "some arg"


Exceptionhandling using try/catch blocks is not supported in bash, however, you might wanna try looking at the BANGSH framework which supports it (its a bit like jquery for bash).

However, exceptionhandling without cascading try/catch-blocks is similar to eventhandling, which is possible in almost any language with array-support.

If you want to keep your code nice and tidy (without if/else verbosity), I would recommend to use events.

The suggestion which MatToufoutu recommends (using || and &&) is not recommended for functions, but ok for simple commands. (see BashPitfalls about the risks)

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