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i have to find out a memory leak issue on windows ce 4.0/5.0 device. Is there any tool which shows me the all the processes info, like memory, handle count... So that i can identify the culprit process.

If there are any memory leak detection tools for CE 4.0/5.0?


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This is kind of old, but might still work.

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The best tool, by a very long margin, for this is Entrek's CodeSnitch.

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Have a look at this article. Provided that the Toolhelp32 library is available in your device, you could easily write code that enumerates processes and memory.

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acbTaskMan works like a charm for me. The free version does not show per-process information, but paid version is not too expensive.

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How about PocketPC Process Explorer - it's free and offers several cool features.

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This one is free and works like a charm: ITaskMgr

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