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We are are thinking how to monitor MSMQ queues that are used from WCF services (with net.msmq binding). Searching for alternatives like Journals, triggers or Administration queue, the last one seems to be more logic as you can get several message-level events reported to that other queue and not only "message received", so we think we can track messages or higher-level operations.

Anyway, WCF's net.msmq binding doesn't seem to have a way to manipulate acknowledges or AdministrationQueue property of the messages send through.

Is there a way to enable Acknowledges and AdministrationQueue from WCF binding/behavior? If it is not, any idea?

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I'm not sure if it is possible with NetMsmqBinding. It should be possible with MsmqIntegrationBinding. Once you are using this binding you can use OperationContract's IncommingMessageProperties or OutgoingMessageProperties and get access to the instance of MsmqIntegrationMesssageProperty. Then you will have control over all properties exposed on MSMQ message including AdministrationQueue and Acknowledgment.

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