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The Current Action cannot be completed because the user data source credentials that are required to execute this report are not stored in the report server database

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Are all your parameter values set to something in the subsciption? – mameesh Aug 5 '11 at 19:57

Take a look at your datasources for your reports. There are two settings.

  • User can supply them.
  • Or they can be stored in DB.

They need to be stored in DB for subscriptions (at least that's how the error reads). See if you can modify your datsources.

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please ignore if you had already solved it.

This issue may also happen if default user credentials (like windows userID) do not have enough permissions to run a piece of SQL script or a SP. We can go to SQL server report configuration and select an option to ask for credentials every time you run a report. You can provide the correct user id paswd when prompted?


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