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I want to have an IDataService that I can then swap out with a different service for mocking or use for Design time data. Is this a good approach or am I just creating problems for myself.

public interface INorthwindContext
  public IDomainContext Context;

I've tried using a partial class in my Silverlight project to implement an interface like so:

 public partial class NorthwindContext : INorthwindContext

Now I can create a DataService or TestDataService etc, like so:

public class DataService : IDataService
    public INorthwindContext Context { get; set; }

My INorthwindContext:

EDIT: unless I add all the methods from the DomaincContext to this interface I'm going to lose need functionality to lad the data. I'm also going to have to manually update the interface each time I add new entites to the service.

public interface INorthwindContext
      EntitySet<Category> Categories { get; }
      EntityQuery<Category> GetCategoriesQuery();
      EntityQuery<Product> GetProductsQuery();
      EntityQuery<Region> GetRegionsQuery();
      EntityQuery<Shipper> GetShippersQuery();
      EntityQuery<Supplier> GetSuppliersQuery();
      EntityQuery<Territory> GetTerritoriesQuery();
      EntitySet<Product> Products { get; }
      EntitySet<Region> Regions { get; }
      EntitySet<Shipper> Shippers { get; }
      EntitySet<Supplier> Suppliers { get; }
      EntitySet<Territory> Territories { get; }

This was very helpful and

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Here's the pattern I recommend for using RIA Services with MVVM (which is a good pattern to use for mocking and design-time data). It's a take on John Papa's MVVM sample.

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Thanks for the link! Your RIAServices.MVVM toolkit looks interesting as well. – Aligned Aug 9 '11 at 15:29
@Kyle, I do think after all, WCF RIA should generate an interface contract as well, for easier and flexible VM-independent mocking. Thanks anyway! – Shimmy May 20 '12 at 5:23

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