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I am having some trouble with JSF2 and websphere 7.0. I have searched in the internet but nothing. The thing looks to be that websphere puts its 1.2 libraries and override my 2.0 libs. The app is working fine in apache-tomcat

Thirst of all, when i try to get an xhtml page (with simple html the app works, the problem is with jsf) the server shows the error:

could not find factory: javax.faces.context.FacesContextFactory

i've read that i had to use the "parent last" option in the class loader section, but it didn't worked. Then i went to jsp and jsf options on the web module properties, and there i can choose between Sun reference implementation 1.2 and MyFaces 1.2, the sun was selected, so i choose myfaces and now the error is another one: if i try to go to "something.xhtml", it redirects to "something.jsf", which doesn't exists..

any idea?


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stackoverflow.com/questions/1718934/… Check answer of RDean (currently the highest voted one). –  BalusC Aug 5 '11 at 21:39

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It seems that you didn't include the JSF implementation on your classpath.

Here's how I solved it.

Use the following library: javax.faces-2.1.7.jar

If you are on PrimeFaces 3.1: primefaces-3.1.1.jar

Application Server instance: Class Loading - Parent Last

Enterprise Application instance (war Module): Class Loading - Parent Last

Make sure to remove all Servlet Container libraries such as those needed by Tomcat.

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