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I have some xml:

<release id="2276808" status="Accepted">
         <image height="600" type="primary" uri="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-2276808-1302966902.jpeg" uri150="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-150-2276808-1302966902.jpeg" width="600"/>                       
         <image height="600" type="secondary" uri="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-2276808-1302966912.jpeg" uri150="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-150-2276808-1302966912.jpeg" width="600"/>  
         <image height="600" type="secondary" uri="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-2276808-1302966919.jpeg" uri150="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-150-2276808-1302966919.jpeg" width="600"/><image height="600" type="secondary" uri="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-2276808-1302966929.jpeg" uri150="http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-150-2276808-1302966929.jpeg" width="600"/>
    </images> ...

I'm using SimpleXML and php 5.3.

I want to target the image node where type="primary" and return the value for the uri attribute.

The closest I've gotten is:


which fails because you cannot call attribute() method after xpath.

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Good question, +1. See my answer for a pure XPath solution -- a one-liner expression that when evaluated produces the wanted value. An explanation is also included. –  Dimitre Novatchev Aug 13 '11 at 15:00

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The pure XPath 1.0 expression to achieve the attributes is:


May be you have to fix your XPath only.

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I want to target the image node where type="primary" and return the value for the uri attribute.

Use this XPath one-liner expression:


This selects the attribute named uri of the image element the string value of whose type attribute is "primary", and that is a child of an images element` that is a child of the top element in the XML document.

To get just the value of the attribute, use this XPath expression:


Do note: This is a pure XPath solution and can be used with any W3C XPath - compliant engine.

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How about this:

$xml = new SimpleXMLElement(file_get_contents('feed.xml'));
$theUriArray = $xml->xpath('/release/images/image[@type="primary"]');
$theUri = $theUriArray[0]->attributes()->uri;

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While I'm a big fan of the built-in DOMDocument as opposed to SimpleXML and therefor not all that familiar with SimpleXML...

I believe $xml->xpath('/release/images/image[@type="primary"]') Should give you a list of nodes, not a single node.

In your case, I'd expect a possible solution to be as simple as

$nodes = $xml->xpath('/release/images/image[@type="primary"]'); // get matching nodes
$node = reset($nodes); // get first item
$uri = $node->attributes()->uri;

Since you specifically mention using SimpleXML, I'd suggest you try looking at the result of your call to $xml->path(...) But for completeness, this is how I'd do it using DOMDocument and DOMXPath (which will work, guaranteed, tested and all):

$doc = new DOMDocument('1.0', 'utf8');

$xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);
$nodes = $xpath->query('/release/images/image[@type="primary"]');

$theNodeYouWant = $nodes->item(0); // the first node matching the query
$uri = $theNodeYouWant->getAttribute('uri');

This seems a bit more verbose, but that's mostly because I included the initialization for this one.

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