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Here's a simplified version of a table I have:

title  |  tag   | score
foo1      bar       100
bar2      oobar      50
meh3                 25

Currently, If I want to search the table and have oo be my search query, I'd execute something like:

SELECT *, (title||" "||tag) AS titletag
FROM sometable WHERE titletag LIKE "%oo%"

and the above would return the foo1 row first, and bar2 second.

What I'd like to add in, is if the search query (oo) matches the start of a tag (eg tag LIKE "oo%"), I want said rows to come first before any other row, regardless of score, but still retain the rest of the original query.

So by searching for oo, I'd want the bar2 row returned first since oo matches the start of oobar, and then have foo1 come second, even though bar2's score is lower than foo1's.

How can I achieve this?

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Try to use Union:

SELECT *, (title||" "||tag) AS titletag
FROM sometable WHERE titletag LIKE "oo%"


SELECT *, (title||" "||tag) AS titletag
FROM sometable WHERE titletag LIKE "%oo%"


But you should be aware of Maximum Number Of Terms In A Compound SELECT Statement

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Tried your suggestion but no luck for what I want. foo1 is still returned first. WHERE titletag LIKE "oo%" might be wrong? Tried changing it to WHERE tag LIKE "oo%" but made no difference. Could you take another look? –  Chris Aug 5 '11 at 22:12
Actually, your suggestion has led me in the right direction. Let me post my answer and give you an upvote. Thanks. –  Chris Aug 5 '11 at 22:17
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VMAtm's answer didn't quite work but gave me an idea to use:

SELECT *, (title||" "||tag) AS titletag, score*100 AS newscore
FROM sometable WHERE tag LIKE "oo%"


SELECT *, (title||" "||tag) AS titletag, score AS newscore
FROM sometable WHERE titletag LIKE "%oo%"

ORDER BY newscore DESC

This way, in the first SELECT term, matching tags are assigned a much higher score, and in the second SELECT term their scores stay the same.

So bar2 would come first with a newscore of 5000, and foo1 comes second because its newscore stays at 100.

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