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I'm trying to get Python to print a sentence if it successfully copies a file. While it copies the file, it ignores the print. why is this? here's a similar example of my code:

from shutil import copyfile

if copyfile('/Library/demo.xls','/Jobs/newdemo.xls'):
  print "the file has copied"

For reference, I'm using Python v2.7.1

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Because it doesn't know if it succeeded until after the copy finishes? For example, if the filesystem fills up mid-copy. –  Jack M. Aug 5 '11 at 21:15

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copyfile does not return anything, but it throws an exception if an error occurs. Use the following idiom instead of the if check:

import shutil

except (Error, IOError):
    # Handle error
    # Handle success
    print "the file has copied"

Link to the shutil.copyfile documentation.

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That's because shutil.copyfile returns None. You probably want to wrap it in a try/except clause instead:

    shutil.copyfile(file1, file2)
    print 'success!'
except shutil.Error:
    print 'oh no!'
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copyfile doesn't return a value (well, returns None).

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