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I have following example

What it should do:

  • check is there .box-wrapper in the doc
  • if yes and there is an click event on .tabs li a
  • find .selected and set class to empty string
  • find parent of this - clicked link and add .selected

And in the last step it is failing as you can see. console.log( $('this').parent('li') ); = []

Why? What is wrong? Any suggestion much appreciated.

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this is an DOM object, not a selector string, so you need:


instead of:


$('this') will cause jQuery to construct an object which wraps all elements matching your selector. 'this' is not a valid selector, so you get that 'selector unintelligible' error, whereas $(this) refers to the jQuery-wrapped clicked anchor.

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Ohhh.. I knew that:P Coffe > Sleep. Thanks! –  Iladarsda Aug 5 '11 at 21:21

not sure what box wrapper has to do with it but this click function should work:

$(".tabs li a").click(function(){
     $(".tabs li").removeClass("selected");
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this bit of code is part of something bigger. Sorry for the confusion. –  Iladarsda Aug 5 '11 at 21:23

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