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This question is built off of this previous question 'here' I want to make 256 points on the image that all lead to different pdf documents based on the location of the *. I dont want to have to code in 256 separate filepaths. I have attempted some code below and have not been having any luck so far.

for i = 1:256

    text(x(i),y(i),'*', 'ButtonDownFcn',['open(''' file ''');']);

function [filePath] = file()
    %h = impoint;
    %position = getPosition(h);

    filePath = strcat('C:\Documents and Settings\Sentinelle\Desktop\LCModel\sl5_knt1\sl5_',x(1),'-',y(i),'.pdf');
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It seems to me that your code is wrong in several places:

  1. the file() function doesn't know the values of x and y
  2. the file() function doesn't use the current value of i
  3. the file path uses x(1) idependently of the value of i

You probably want

for i = 1:256
    text(x(i), y(i), '*', 'ButtonDownFcn', ['open(''' file(x(i),y(i)) ''');']);

function [filePath] = file( x, y )
    filePath = strcat('C:\Documents and Settings\Sentinelle\Desktop\LCModel\sl5_knt1\sl5_',x,'-',y,'.pdf');
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Assuming x(i) and y(i) are integers, this should work:

prefix = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Sentinelle\Desktop\LCModel\sl5_knt1\sl5_'
for i = 1:256
  filePath = [prefix num2str(x(i)) '-' num2str(y(i)) '.pdf'];
  text(x(i),y(i),'*', 'ButtonDownFcn',['open(''' filePath ''');']);

If they aren't integers, you need to specify how the floating point number will be converted to a string. You can do that with the second argument of num2str, type:

help num2str

for details and browse from there.

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