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Is there anyway to only invalidate a single item in a ListBox? There seems to be no method of getting the rectangle of an item, or even if a specific item is visible (aside from calling IndexFromPoint for every pixel in the control / at least every pixel in one column).

This is for C# WinForms (not WPF).

More information about what I am trying to do:

I have a ListBox with many items in it, and I want a set of "buttons" to appear on items that you hover over (such as a red X for remove). I have this working great, except that on lists with 10 or more items, each time you hover over a new item it causes a visible redraw since I invalidate the entire control. The data is not changed, only the display is changed.

Edit: More Information and Previous Attempts

I already subclass ListBox and perform my drawing in OnDrawItem so protected methods of ListBox can be used.

I have tried the following with varying levels of success. The variable this is the extended ListBox, index is the item to drawn over, old_index is the item previously being drawn over.

// Causes flicker of entire list, but works

// Causes flicker of selected item, but works
int sel_index = this.SelectedIndex;
this.SelectedIndex = old_index;
this.SelectedIndex = index;
this.SelectedIndex = sel_index;

// Does not work
if (old_index >= 0)
if (index >= 0)
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Okay, I was being silly. Thanks to @LarsTech I decided to look over the entire list of ListBox functions again and found the appropriate one: GetItemRectangle and it is even public! I don't know how I missed this for the last hour...

The working solution is:

if (old_index >= 0)
if (index >= 0)

Which still produces a little flickering but significantly less (only visible when I mouse over many very quickly where before moving a single item caused it).

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Hey thanks for the answer, this helped me with my flickering listbox. I also used: this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.OptimizedDoubleBuffer, true); to help reduce the flickering as well. – ChandlerPelhams Jan 3 '12 at 15:11

Yes, but you have to create your own version of the listbox by inheriting it and exposing the RefreshItem method that Microsoft is hiding from you:

public class ListBoxEx : ListBox
  public new void RefreshItem(int index)
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This doesn't work. I believe its because the underlying data is not changing and/or list does not use DisplayMember. – coderforlife Aug 5 '11 at 22:00
Also, I am already inheriting from ListBox since I do my drawing in DrawItem. I will update my question with some more information. – coderforlife Aug 5 '11 at 22:00

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