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Does anyone has a good resource on embedding a Silverlight application in an Eclipse RCP application? Scenario is as follows: We have a third party application that we want to integrate into an already developed Eclipse RCP Application, and we don't want to redo anything. Also, I can't just start this as a second app but must be embedded within the application that we already have.

I know it is possible to embed using OLE objects, would this be the way to go?

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Just a thought: you may use an SWT Browser control and run the Silverlight app inside. Using the Browser is very simple. You do not need to be connected to the network: the HTML can be read from a local file or generated ad-hoc.

Check out the SWT snippets page for some useful examples.

Update: Another alternative is Project Blinki which embeds WebKit in SWT. It more controllable than the basic browser widget, however, currently not fully platform neutral.

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Wow, thanks for this answer! I must admit that I didn't know about the Browser control. Anyway, I was wondering lately if it would be possible to somehow run a Flex app inside an Eclipse RCP app, and this seems to be the solution... thanks again! –  Sandman Mar 30 '09 at 22:09
Well I guess since I have to use silverlight, platform neutrality is not really an issue.... –  Mario Ortegón Mar 31 '09 at 6:29

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