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How to convert date from "2011-08-01 04:01:45" to "Mon, 01 Aug 2011 05:37:45 -0400" in Php

Thanks a lot...

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$newDate = date('r', strtotime('2011-08-01 04:01:45'));
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use the strtotime function in php to parse the date string and then the date function to print it in whatever format you'd like.


$orig = "2011-08-01 04:01:45";

$timestamp = strtotime($orig);

echo date("D, d M Y H:i:s O",$timestamp);
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I know that this isn't going to solve your problem but a really fast method of using dates and information is to store the time using a unix time stamp. This is an integer value of seconds counting from the time (1970 -1 second).

It will allow you to format dates in a much simpler manner using something like:

<?php date('d-m-Y', $unixTimeStamp); ?>

This method is also much faster when it comes to comparing times.

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