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I have this code :

    return $(this).text().length > 150;})

According to the docs, .text gets the text of the descendants also, and I was wondering how I could select only the text of ONLY the selected element, not its descendants.

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Does this fit your need?

    var total_length = 0;
    for (var i=0; i<this.childNodes.length; ++i)
        if (this.childNodes[i] instanceof Text)
            total_length += this.childNodes[i].length;

    return total_length > 150;

(This avoids the need to clone each node as you are traversing the DOM)

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This is nos the best way but... i think it would work.

    var _cp = $(this).clone();
    var tiw = _cp.children().remove().end().text();

    return tiw.length > 150;

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