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I need to pull some data from Java into C#. I am already exposing my C# classes via COM. So I thought a good way to pull data from Java would be to expose IReadStream from C# and implement IReadStream in Java. I can then send an instance of the implementation as a parameter to C# so that I can call IReadStream.Read in C#.

How do I implement a custom COM interface in Java?

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You may have to use JNI/JNA to expose a C++ COM interface that your C# class can use. – daanish.rumani Mar 30 '09 at 8:57

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I don't know if it supports this direction, but Jacob is a Java COM Bridge that's frequently mentioned.

Also, using IKVM to run the Java code might make the task significantly easier.

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thanks, i know about jacob. don't think it support what i want to do – Ries Mar 30 '09 at 9:12

Using COM sounds overly messy whats wrong with exposing your c# code via a socket and have java suck that down.

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I went for named pipes in the end.

On the java side I write into a named pipe (served from the c# side). In c# i should now be able to read from the named pipe. As long as the Read operation is blocking it should be the same as pulling data from java.

See for a c# wrapper around the Named pipes api calls.

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