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We have a 3rd party web application written in coldfusion and all pages are encrypted. The company which builds this product wont put any sort of analytics into the pages so that we can track usage by our users.

We would like to somehow get code into the page or use some other tool to gather usage stats on our web program.

we run the coldfusion servers, mssql db servers and web servers in-house, so have full unrestricted access. Except the pages are all encrypted and updates to the application occur roughly 3 to 6 times a year. The application is accessed mainly internally, but a good majority access it from outside our network. We are able to create links to pages within one section, but cannot add in other pages or code.

We have thought about using ruby to insert the google code into the pages at the bottom, as this seems to work, but when your talking about 100's of pages this is not viable and after every update we would have to do this and check we haven't broken anything.

Can anyone suggest a good tool, or javascript or anything we can use to gather stats on sections of this web app.


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I am not sure I understand your question properly but I think you may able to do this through Application.cfc onRequestEnd function. You can insert google analytics code in onReqeustend which will append on every request.

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ooh of course. So that way we are only updating one file after every software update by the vendor. Hmm I hadn't thought about that. I'm a ruby/python programmer and have had not much CF exposure. I will leave this question open for a short while, but you make sense. –  IanN Aug 6 '11 at 4:15
The only problem with this is that by using OnrequestEnd() the analytics code will likely be placed outside the </html> tag. Modern browsers should nto have a problem with this, but the markup would not be valid. However, you could use <cfhtmlhead> to put the scripts into eh <head> of the document. –  Scott Stroz Aug 9 '11 at 15:07
Yes Scott, that's good suggestion to put on head tag using cfhtmlhead tag. Generally GA suggest to put code at bottom of the page to make sure it executed once document finish so I guess their script should wrap in function and call function at onload of body. –  Pritesh Patel Aug 10 '11 at 5:26

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