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I have a json string:


that I would like to turn into an Objective-C class:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@interface ScoreKeeperGame : NSObject {


@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *homeTeam;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *awayTeam;
@property (nonatomic, assign) int homeScore;
@property (nonatomic, assign) int awayScore;
@property (nonatomic, assign) int gameID;

- (id) init: (NSString *) homeTeam 
   awayTeam: (NSString *) awayTeam;

- (id) init: (NSDictionary *) game;


I pass the json in by NSDictionary "game" (the json string represents a hashmap, so the first game is):


When I try to use this class:

#import "ScoreKeeperGame.h"

@implementation ScoreKeeperGame
@synthesize homeTeam=_homeTeam, awayTeam = _awayTeam, homeScore = _homeScore, awayScore     = _awayScore, gameID = _gameID;

- (id) init: (NSString *) homeTeam 
   awayTeam: (NSString *) awayTeam
    self = [super init];
    self.homeTeam = homeTeam;
    self.awayTeam = awayTeam;

NSLog(@"away: %@", awayTeam);
return self;

- (id) init: (NSDictionary *) game
    self = [super init];
    self.homeTeam = [game objectForKey:@"homeTeam"];
    self.awayTeam = [game objectForKey:@"awayTeam"];
    self.awayScore = (int) [game objectForKey:@"awayScore"];
    self.gameID = [game objectForKey:@"gameID"];

    NSLog(@"game awayScore: %d", self.awayScore);
    NSLog(@"game gameID: %@", [NSNumber numberWithInt:self.gameID]);
return self;


The awayScore and gameId are printed as large numbers (maybe pointers)?

I've tried

self.awayScore = [NSNumber numberWithInt: [game objectForKey:@"awayScore"]];

But that didn't seem to work either.

How do I get the value of the int from the game object?

po game produces:

awayScore = 0;
awayTeam = Away01;
gameID = 1;
homeScore = 0;
homeTeam = Home01;


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You have to pull it out as an NSNumber first.

NSNumber *myNum = [game objectForKey:@"awayScore"];

self.awayScore = [myNum intValue];


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you can try this if you want to get integer value from your JSON response

self.awayScore = [NSNumber numberWithInt: [[game objectForKey:@"awayScore"] intValue]];

as your response would be in nsstring.

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iOs 6.0, now it's simply [game[@"awayScore"] intValue]

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