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How can i give an hex color code to gridview's row background color? I know that it is to be given in a row databound event. But i am not sure whether a Hex color code can be given or a default - System.Drawing.Color.(ColorName) would only work?

Please advice


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You need to assign a System.Drawing.Color type. But you can easily get the instance from hex or named values like shown below:

Color clr = ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#FFFF33");

named colors:

Color clr =  ColorTranslator.FromHtml("Red");

Also, you can directly specify the background/foreground color in the markup for gridview:

 <asp:GridView ID="gridView1" Runat="server" 
    <RowStyle ForeColor="red" BackColor="#FFF7E7"></RowStyle>

You can use both named and hex values.

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