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What is the difference between this and $(this) in jQuery? And when should I use which?

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$('p').each(function () {

If you consider the function above jQuery will loop through each paragraph element on the page and will return a reference to each paragraph element by passing the 'this' variable into the anonymous function. If the 'this' variable is wrapped in the jQuery function ($(this)) then we can access all the jQuery goodness in relation to the element e.g $(this).find('span'). The 'this' object on it's own is just a normal Javscript DOM Object.

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$() is the jQuery constructor function.

this is a reference to the DOM element of invocation.

so basically, in $(this), you are just passing the this in $() as a parameter so that you could call jQuery methods and functions.

duplicate: jQuery $(this) vs this

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this returns a native JavaScript object (if I call it right), $(this) returns a jQuery object.

$(this)[0] == this
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