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I have a MPMediaPickerController in an iPhone application that prompts a user to select a song they wish to play.

What I want to accomplish is similar to the Music/iPod app that is bundled with the operating system on the device. I want the user to select a song from an album but then add all the songs from the album to the "playlist" to play.

So for example: A user selects the 3rd song from an album of 10 songs. I want to populate the items to play with all the songs from that album with the "playlist" index set to 3, just like the Music/iPod App.

Can someone provide me with code for Xcode that will enable me to perform this, what seems, tedious task?


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I had the same problem, resorted to using a third party library:

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Thank you so much :) worked like a charm :D – Tim Jul 3 '12 at 5:52

Check out the AddMusic sample app from Apple

Using this as your starting point you'll then need to look into Apple's MPMediaQuery documentation, specifically the "albumsQuery" constructor. This allows you to create a mediaItemCollection (or playlist) which contains only the mediaItems which conform to your criteria.

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thanks for this, I actually used AddMusic as my starting point for the creation of my project, I will look further into MPMediaQuery – Tim Aug 7 '11 at 14:03

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