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There is this example of like-google-suggest autocomplete input-box in this link:


let's say that I want to fetch, aside from the names, the number of names displayed from the server for every letter I press (example - I pressed "a", I got 5 names that starts with an "a" - I want to display that number) (I assume it can be done with javascript - but I am curious regarding how to do it on the server and fetch multiple variables back).

I know how to count the number of names in a variable but how can I pass it back from the server to the browser with the string names itself.

I converted the js code so it would fit jQuery and it looks like this - client side:

function showHint(str)


            //Ajax - Names Suggestions 
            $.get("stack.php?q="+str, function(data){


How can I ask (both server and client) to get another data in a different variable - name counter for example, aside from the names themselves)

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json_encode your data, it can contain more complex structures like an array with multiple items or an object with more than one member. And SO is not a support forum for W3Fools, if you have question regarding a code example of that site, go to their support. Thanks. –  hakre Aug 6 '11 at 11:07

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You can use JSON to send more "variables" to the client & proccess it on client-side

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You have to use json. Then, on the server side, generate a json with the names and the number in it. On the client site then read the json.

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