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I noticed for the class definition, if I open up the class MyClass, and add something in between without overwrite I still got the original method which defined earlier. The new statements added augment the existing one.

But as to the method definition, I still want the same behavior as the class definition, but it seems when I open up the def my_method, the exiting statements within the def and end is overwritten, I need to rewrite that again.

So is there any way to make the method definition behave the same as definition, something like super, but not necessarily is the sub-class?

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you can store the old method in a variable –  Karoly Horvath Aug 6 '11 at 12:18

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I suppose you are looking for alias_method:

class A
  alias_method :old_func, :func

  def func
    old_func # similar to calling 'super'
    # do other stuff
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