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It seems that Google+ checks for notification updates when I activate the tab in Firefox

It'd show "0" every time I activate it, but change to a number of new notifications in a couple of seconds after that.

What's the mechanism allowing to tap into that event? Is there a specific DOM event for that? Or are they using something like onmouseover handler and just consider any kind of activity to be a sufficient indicator of tab activation?

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See this previous question: stackoverflow.com/questions/3479734/test-if-window-has-focus –  Ash Aug 6 '11 at 12:53
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Just a guess because I haven't all relevant browsers available for testing.

What about using the focus event on the window. Whenever a user clicks somewhere this is invoked but also on switching of tabs. To distinguish between a user's actions on the page and a user switching to the page you could check if the event's explicitOriginalTarget points to the window.

        console.log('switched from tab');
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