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I'm building a site with WordPress. There's a good plugin I'm using, to generate an email subscribe form. However this plugin only works as a widget in the sidebar, but I also want to put one directly in the body of the homepage.

So my solution was, I simply open the page with the email form in the sidebar, then 'view source' and I simply copy & pasted the form code from the source of the page, and stuck it into the homepage where I wanted it to appear. I then tested the form by subscribing, and it works fine.

However I'm just wanting to know whether this poses any type of security risk. Would using the form in this way allow someone to insert malicious code like an email injection and use the form to send out spam through my server? thanks

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It depends on the 'good plugin' you are using. Does the plugin use captcha to stop spam? If the plugin is inserting the form into a database then you should check to ensure that the values submitted in the form are escaped before being processed. –  arunkumar Aug 6 '11 at 14:40
it does not use captcha. the plugin is WP Email Capture. I believe it relies on double-opt in to prevent spam. How does one check whether the values are being escaped? –  Allyson Aug 6 '11 at 14:55

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