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I have Rakefile in my project.

mt_server_dir = File.expand_path('vendor/murder_traffic_server')

Rake::TestTask.new("test_vendor") do |t|
  chdir mt_server_dir
  t.libs = [mt_server_dir]
  t.test_files = Dir["#{mt_server_dir}/tests/test_*"]
  t.warning = true

When I run tests

rake test_vendor

First test in the list, always fail.

With error.

test_ip.rb:55: warning: instance variable @ip not initialized

That is mean, not execute setup method in first test.

When I run test directly.

ruby test_ip.rb

Test is successful.

I tried rename first test to test_zip.rb, and when I running test through rake, test is successful, but first in the list test test_dns.rb is failed.

Who know how fix it?


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I checked out the source code of your app on Github.

Your test_ip.rb file defines class TestIp < Test::Unit::TestCase, as it should. However, your test_dns.rb file also defines class TestIp < Test::Unit::TestCase, whereas it should define class TestDns. Since that file also has def setup, that setup method overrides the test_ip one. This is why you see this error:

/home/dylan/dev/Murder-traffic/vendor/murder_traffic_server/tests/test_dns.rb:7: warning: method redefined; discarding old setup
/home/dylan/dev/Murder-traffic/vendor/murder_traffic_server/tests/test_ip.rb:7: warning: previous definition of setup was here

So, fix the class declaration in your test_dns.rb file and everything should work.

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Thank you! It seems I need some sleep :) –  Rusty Robot Aug 6 '11 at 19:08

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