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I am writing a web service in Perl that will run under SSL (HTTPS) with client certificates. How can I determine which certificate is being used by the client in the current connection so I can filter out unwanted ones?

Note: the web service is being run as a mod_perl script.

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Will this be a cgi or mod_perl script or are you going to open the listening server socket yourself? –  innaM Mar 30 '09 at 12:22
it will be a mod_perl script. I was thinking about using SOAP::WSDL::Server::Mod_Perl2 –  Sklivvz Mar 30 '09 at 12:27

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Found the answer on PerlMonks:

Use the Apache::SSLLookup module

  sub handler {
    my $r = Apache::SSLLookup->new(shift);
    my $request_is_over_ssl = $r->is_https;
    my $certificate = $r->lookup_var('SSL_CLIENT_CERT');


mod_ssl environment reference here.

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