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I would like to run a query on a MySQL database table to return all the rows where the column data has white space. e.g.:

andy davies
geoff smith
bob paul

The query would only return 'andy davies', 'geoff smith', 'bob paul' and ignore 'peter' and 'steve'

Any ideas?

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  WHERE username LIKE '% %'
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Perfect thank you very much. –  Andy Aug 6 '11 at 22:22
This didn't work for me, even though there were a couple of rows containing a space. –  AL2 Apr 9 at 20:38

INSTR() returns the position of the specified substring in the given string. Use it in the WHERE conditional.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE INSTR(`username`, ' ') > 0
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An idea:

SELECT names FROM tbl_name WHERE names LIKE "% %";
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