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I am working on getting my XHTML validated.
In my page, I have dynamic creation (in JS) of many HTML elements.
For example, I have a for loop that parses an Array that hold value's of a select tag, and then my JS code created the select with the given values. Therefore, my JS contains HTML elements inside quotes (strings). Unfortunately, I cannot get my XHTML validated because the validator things that these guys are actual elements.

How do I avoid this? Is is necessary to avoid this?

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You'll need to tell the XHTML validator to parse your JavaScript different then the rest of your code. You can do this by using CDATA blocks in your script tags.


<script type="text/javascript">

For more information for as to why, see the question When is a CDATA section necessary within a script tag?

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thanks - this works, but causes a different issue - I have a Pyramid app that uses Chameleon for its templates. In my <script> tag inside my main HTML, I have some conditional inclusion of other scripts using Chameleon's <script tal:condition> directive. The problem is that when I add CDATA to my main <script>, Chameleon no longer recognizes its tal:condition tags. Any idea? – Aviv Aug 6 '11 at 23:25

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