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I want something similar to this post but with Visual Studio. This would be very helpful when editing XAML, XML, or HTML.

For instance:

    <Button>I'm A Button</Button>

If I start changing the 'StackPanel' tag, I want to automatically change the end tag to match (say if I switch it to a 'Grid' instead). I figure I could write a macro to do it, but I want to use a native approach first if available.

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CodeRush and Refactor pro from devexpress will do this for you as well as a ton of other cool stuff. It is a paid for product though I'm afraid - I am not aware of anything free that does this.

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I'm afraid you'll have to either:

  1. Write a macro.
  2. Write an add-on (or customize an existing open-source add-on).
  3. Buy one of mentioned products (CodeRush or Refactor).
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