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I can use JSDOM's 'scripts' option to load jquery for scraping. However I was wondering if it was possible, and also better or worse, to use node's own require mechanism now npm includes jquery.

jsdom = require 'jsdom'

config =
  html: "<html><body></body></html>"
  scripts: ['http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.5.min.js']

jsdom.env config, (err, window) ->
  $ = window.jQuery;
  $('body').append("<div class='testing'>Hello World</div>")

All works fine and shows the updated document. But these days we can also run:

$ = require 'jquery'
$('body').append("<div class='testing'>Hello World</div>")

Which I find neater - I'm just not quite sure of how to use jquery and jsdom in this newer manner. Specifically, where is the window object?

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Final working code below - it looks like node-jquery has an pre-built, empty document at 'body', to access the final document, you can just run .html() on it.

$ = require 'jquery'
$('body').append "<div class='testing'>Hello World</div>"
console.log $("body").html()
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If you really need to get at the window:

var jquery = require('jquery');
var ctx = jquery('<p>this is some markup</p>');

Use with caution, ._ properties are seen as private

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I don't think you can do this. You are grabbing a specific instance of the jQuery object off of the JSDOM window object, whereas require 'jquery' would grab the jQuery module. You need a version of the jQuery object specific to that JSDOM window, instead, which means doing $ = window.jQuery

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Thanks. But I believe JQuery includes jsdo, judging from the announcemnet. I've extended the answer to show that modifying the DOM using JQ does work (or at least doesn't fail). I'm just not sure where I can access the window object once I've finished modifying the document. –  mikemaccana Aug 7 '11 at 9:45

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