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I know facebook has done some change. But what's the base?

ubuntu / centos...?

I know google choose ubuntu because of some kind of i/o problem. what about facebook, twitter?

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google choose ubuntu? that must be a hell of a time machine to make that choice on 1998!! – Javier Aug 7 '11 at 0:38
I know for a fact that Google has rolled their own. – Rafe Kettler Aug 7 '11 at 0:42

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I'd be surprised if there was "one" simple, homogeneous answer :)

These links might be of interest to you:

As far as the programming side (this is a programming forum, after all ;)), this quote is interesting:

For my first project, I programmed an interactive graph that visualized data center assets. I dove into PHP, XHP, JavaScript, and the glue that Facebook uses to hold them together. I was able to ship code in a few weeks! Now, my mind is bending in a whole new direction, especially while working on backend stuff in C++. Every day I am able to contribute to the Capacity Engineering team and learn a ton, especially from my teammates — awesome!

Finally, this link discusses their software stack, including Linux server (as of 2008).

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