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I'm wondering how people are dealing with the stdClass that results from json_decode run on the columns in _serialize_columns in Kohana's ORM.

The problem I'm having is that I set the column as an array, which is serialized and is all good. Later, when I retrieve it, it comes back as a stdClass. This is all good for most things, but if I attempt use something like Arr::path() on that value, it of course can't deal with (a problem with array_shift I think).

One option I tried was casting the resulting value to an array, but this only works for the first level of the array. So, I then looped through the array casting everything to an array. This worked, but seems like a considerable hack.

What is everyone else doing to deal with this?

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As a recommendation from @zeelot, I filed a ticket in Kohana's ticketing system: http://dev.kohanaframework.org/issues/4188

I also overrode the Kohana_ORM method _unserialize_value() as follows:

protected function _unserialize_value($value) {
    return json_decode($value, TRUE);

Related discussion here: http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/9465/orm-serialize-columns-json-and-stdclass

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