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tools like httpwatch and firebug net panel can list timeline, including dns resolve time, time to setup connection or so on; my question is how to get such information in java if i send out an urlconnection? thx

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Tools such as httpwatch and firebug issue at http GET request, parse the [HTML] response, and then recursively for each resource (javascripts, images) found in the HTML repeat the same while timing the operations. You can do it yourself in a couple of days. There is an API that supports HRML parsing:

You can also look at JPCAP for low-level packet capture API:

Hope this helps.


Slava Imeshev

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thx, this is to some extent similar; but it's not exactly match the dns resolve time, time to setup connections or so on – hetaoblog Nov 30 '11 at 3:08

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