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I will probably have to implement a center-of-gravity class but I will ask help in seeking such a Java class before I do. I suspect this has been implemented by others as part of a math library.

In a space of n-dimensions, suppose each dimension is discrete. So for example in 3 dimensions, you can have an X dimension with a range of [0..a]. You also have a Y dimension with a range of [0..b] and a Z dimension with a range of [0..c]. The implementation should be general so that the number of dimensions can be greater than 3 and also generally a not equal to b where a and b are the maximum coordinates of their respective dimensions.

Each point in the space is a double precision float (non-negative).

Find the coordinate of the center-of-gravity.

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If homework, please tag as such. – Jason S Aug 7 '11 at 15:45
Well I work at home but it isn't homework. – H2ONaCl Aug 11 '11 at 3:49

If you use a physics engine, you can easily get the centre of gravity -- try JBullet :) The centre of mass which you can get with the API is essentially the same thing, but with a slight difference:

The term center of mass is often used interchangeably with center of gravity, but they are physically different concepts. They happen to coincide in a uniform gravitational field, but where gravity is not uniform, center of gravity refers to the mean location of the gravitational force acting on a body. This results in small but measurable gravitational torque that must be accounted for in the operation of artificial satellites.


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