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I am trying to setup my project environment which uses the following:

  • Python 2.5.2
  • Django 1.3
  • Python Suds

The server I am running it on already has Python (2.5.2) and Django (1.1) installed but I want to use a newer version of Django and dont have administrator rights to upgrade. How do I go about installing this again?

Should I have to install Python + Django + Suds in a seperate directory? How would I replace standard python paths to this new one?


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You can use virtual_env, I have used to play with another (unrelated) python framework buildbot

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I would install it Django + Suds in a new directory! then you can grant access to everyone in this dir! then If you are running apache you just have to add this new folder to PYTHONPATH!

Just for record, I have never tried that, but it should work!

try searching about PYTHONPATH in google too, here is one link that might help: http://www.stereoplex.com/blog/understanding-imports-and-pythonpath


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