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I have some simple Ruby scripts to run as a background job. They are in an infinite while loop to monitor external database changes. Can someone recommend a hosting provider that can do it for free to start?

I looked at AWS and the EC2 micro instance is actually a good fit for the first year. Anything equivalent beyond the first year?

Then I looked at Heroku. It seems a hack and overkill to use Delayed Job in the Rails framework.

Google App Engine is also a good fit as long as I am willing to rewrite my Ruby scripts to Python.

More background on my project. I am using CouchDB + CouchApp. It requires some external scripts to monitor new users sign up and send out forget password emails.

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Now that the new Heroku stack is out and supports Procfile (allowing you to run any kind of process you want, not just DelayedJob), you might be able to get a process running there that isn't part of a full Rails app. – Michelle Tilley Aug 7 '11 at 18:32

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Are you able to set up an always on machine at your house? It's probably going to be just as reliable as hosting it with a free tier provider.

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I don't know about free, but there is SimpleWorker, which lets you offload processes (and apparently schedule them too!) to their cloud infrastructure.

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Try using

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